Houlton International Airport
5 Terminal Drive
Houlton, ME 04730
(207) 538-7997 Contact Number for 24-7 services

Houlton Notice To Airport Users

Houlton International Airport is a public use airport located in the town of Houlton in Aroostook County on the border of New Brunswick, Canada. The general aviation airport is publicly owned by the town of Houlton.

Houlton International Airport covers an area of 1,615 acres and has two runways:  Runway I/19 3,750 ft; Runway 5/23 5,000 ft

100 Octane Fuel and Jet Fuel sales are available – current Prices as of June 5, 2023: Jet A $5.99 p/gallon; 100 LL $6.25 p/gallon – NO TIE DOWN FEES

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RFQ Airport Planning 2021

Houlton DBE Program July 2020