Public Works

Christopher Stewart, Public Works Director

173 Bangor Street
Houlton, Maine 04730

Telephone: (207) 532-1325

Summer Hours – 6AM – 4:30PM Monday thru Thursday

Winter Hours – 7AM – 3:30PM Monday thru Friday

After hours contact Police Department (207)532-2287

E-mail Public Works

With all the new citizens that have moved into the Houlton area during the past few years, I felt that now was a good time to inform and reintroduce the workings and services our department provides to and for all the people of Houlton as well.

The goal of this department is to provide the citizens and visitors of our community a safe and healthy environment in which to live, work and play.

In part, these goals are:

  • Provide the community with a safe and efficient roadway and walkway system – 74 miles of streets; 16 miles of sidewalks maintained.
  • Sustain properly operating storm water drainage systems.
  • Minimize disruption during maintenance and reconstruction of Houlton’s infrastructure.
  • Maintain a safe and efficient Town fleet.
  • Ensure a safe and healthy work place for Town employees.

The following is a partial list of services and tasks provided to the residents and visitors of Houlton by the department:

  • Respond to a wide variety of questions and/or complaints and repairs. (street damage, drain problems, downed trees, right of way issues ect.)
  • Remove aged or problem trees in the town’s right of way.
  • Reconstruct and maintain roadways, curbs, sidewalks.
  • Install and maintain roadway signage and road markings.
  • Perform snow removal and de-icing operations town wide including the airport area.
  • Sweep/clean Town streets and sidewalks.
  • Work in tandem with the Houlton Water Company during scheduled reconstruction and rehabilitation of Town ways and drainage systems.
  • Partner with the contractor in monitoring closed landfill.
  • Maintain the airstrip and facilities at Houlton International Airport and the industrial park.

Chapter 12 Article V Roadway Opening Ordinance

We communicate and work with multiple state and federal agencies:

  • MDEP – Septic site monitoring.
  • MDOT – Road construction and storm water issues; other road projects and bridges, employee training.
  • FAA – Airport equipment mandates and other airport maintenance related issues.
  • ME Department of Labor – Employee training, town public safety and compliance.
  • ME Local Roads – Snow/ice control, drainage, road building information and safety training.
  • FEMA – Disaster prevention and reimbursements on unavoidable declared disasters, snow and ice storms or flooding.

Feel free to contact us with questions or concerns as public input is always helpful and welcome.
Houlton Public Works