Town Council

The Town of Houlton has both elected and appointed officials. The Town of Houlton operates under a municipal Town Charter, Municipal Ordinances and the laws of the State of Maine.

Municipal elections are the first Tuesday each November. Vacancies on the Town Council are filled by Town Council appointment as they occur throughout the year unless otherwise stipulated in the Town Charter or Ordinances. If you are interested in running for Town Council or any other elected position, you must follow the process for nomination and elections. Please contact the Town Office for more information.

Nominations and Elections follow the Houlton Town Charter Article VI, Section 601 through 606, inclusive plus state statute requirments.  Other pertinent section of the Houlton Town Charter is; Article VIII, General Provisions, Section 801 through 805, inclusive. The Town Council appoints all other officials. If you are interested, please contact the Town Office for additional information.

Town of Houlton Charter

You may contact the Town Council by mail, e-mail or phone. For your convenience, you may contact the Town Office and we will forward all messages to the Council.


Town Councilors


  • Jane R. Torres, Chair (Term Expires 2020)
  • Susan Tortello, Secretary (Term Expires 2020)
  • Hal Britton (Term Expires 2020)
  • Edward Lake(Term Expires 2021)
  • Christian Robinson (Term Expires 2021)
  • H. James Bell (Term Expires 2022)
  • Eileen McLaughlin (Term Expires 2022)


Town Council Meetings

The Town Council meets every 2nd and 4th Monday of each month. If a holiday falls on Monday, the Council holds its meeting on the Tuesday following the holiday.

All Council meetings start at 6:00 p.m. and are held in the Town Council Chambers located in the Town Office located on 21 Water Street.

The annual organizational meeting is held no later than the second business day following the annual elections per Town Charter requirements.

Citizens are encouraged to attend the Council meetings. The meetings are televised on Time Warner Cable public access Channel 1301 and Channel 401 on Pioneer Cable.

Citizens may attend and provide comments during the public comment portion of the meeting agenda.


Town Council Structure and Governance

Houlton has a seven member Town Council that operates under the Town Council/Town Manager form of government.

The Councilors are elected by the Citizens of Houlton to staggered three-year terms of office in the municipal elections held each November.

Councilors cannot serve more than two consecutive, three-year terms.