Tax Club

Town of Houlton Tax Club

 Many businesses and individual taxpayers have taken advantage of the tax club offered by the Town of Houlton. The tax club is beneficial for the following reasons:

  • The tax club relieves the pressure of a lump sum payment by dividing payments into 12 monthly installments. Payments are made each month from January through December. The town of Houlton provides a coupon booklet for your use. Payments can be made in person or by mail anytime during the month that they are due. There is no interest charged after October 15th if tax club payments are current at that time.
  •  These monthly payments help with the town’s cash flow which decreases the amount of money borrowed for operation costs. This reduces the amount of interest paid by the town; savings which are passed directly to the taxpayer.

If you would like to join the tax club, please complete the Tax Club application  below and return it to the Houlton Town Office.

Tax Club Application